Summer Dog Cooling Mat

  • Material - Polyester fiber composite PVC outside,100% filled with cooling gel inside. Non-Toxic,100% safe for all pets, adults, kids and the environment.Made of durable materials and has no preservatives.
  • Function - Mat is self-activated, requiring no water, refrigeration, batteries or electricity.Effectively absorb and regulate the body temperature for up to three hours, preventing overheating and helping your dog relax and chill. Automatically recools itself after 15-20 minutes of non-use.
  • Easy to Clean - The Mat is easily clean with a simple wipe down. Mat is water-resistant. Wipe the mat with a mix of mild soap and water and let dry. The Mat is reusable and can be used over and over.
  • Usage - The multi-use mat can be used as a pillow,or cushion. Its sturdy makeup provides ample cushioning support and is perfect for your dog¡¯s bed, portable crate, or the back seat of your car. It is also lightweight, with an easy-fold design that makes storage and travel effortless.
  • Size - The Self-cooling Pet Mat, Medium size 26" x 20",fit for 13 pounds dog. Large size 35" x 24",fit for 60 pounds dog. Ideal for dogs and pets of all sizes. Thick: 8MM.