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Pawsroad Breathable Leather Dog Muzzle


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When you think about the type of dog that wears a muzzle, you probably picture a giant dog with rippling muscles and bared teeth, snarling and chomping at the bit. While this is the typical image that accompanies a dog muzzle, the truth is that muzzles can be used for virtually any breed of dog. The primary purpose of a muzzle might be to keep a dog from biting, but there are a variety of different applications to consider as well.

Soft Vent Design

This muzzle is the ideal combination of comfort and safety, specifically designed to confine the dog's jaw without restricting his ability to breathe, drink, or pant. The muzzle itself is made from high-quality leather and comes in five sizes to ensure a snug and secure fit.

Three Buttons Prevent Falling Off

A rubber or metal basket muzzle is almost certainly going to be too heavy for a small dog or puppy, so a soft muzzle may be a better option. Though only recommended for very short-term wear, a soft muzzle will prevent a nipping puppy from biting at the vet or groomer.

Easy to Wear

Dog muzzles may look controversial, but most canine experts agree that at one point or another there will probably be a situation when an owner needs to use a muzzle, for the safety of the dog, a person, or both. Therefore, even if you never have to rely on one, it’s a good idea to understand why, and when, you should use a muzzle.

Our Top Pick: Coppthinktu Muzzle Loop

Customers love that this muzzle leaves the dog enough freedom to pant, drink, and eat, but still inhibits their ability to bite. This muzzle is a useful tool for training away your dog’s bad biting behavior. The style of the muzzle makes both the snout and neck straps fully adjustable, to ensure a proper fit.

Soft Dog Muzzles

In addition to safety, dog muzzles can be used for training or grooming purposes. Not every dog that wears a muzzle is an aggressive dog with a volatile personality. Sometimes even the gentlest of dogs can be seen wearing a muzzle. There is a great deal of controversy surrounding the use of muzzles for dogs but, in the right situation, they are both humane and effective.



Prevent From Biting Barking and Chewing

It’s pretty amazing when you think about it: Our dogs generally accept all kinds of unpleasant things without biting us. They learn to tolerate (and sometimes even seem to enjoy) our doing very uncomfortable things to them like trimming toenails and cleaning ears. At the vet, they allow people to draw blood, insert thermometers, and give shots. They let strangers examine them. Dogs are capable of biting us and doing serious damage, but typically they choose not to do that. There are times, however, when even the sweetest dog would not be able to stop himself from biting. When any dog is very frightened or in serious pain, there is a real risk of a person getting bitten and the dog acquiring a “bite history.”

Size Chart

Fitting Instruction:

1. Place the muzzle loop over the dog's nose, making sure that it has a comfortable fit.

2. Bring the neck strap behind the head and snap the buckle parts together. Make sure that the neck strap is not twisted.

3. Pull the end of the strap to secure the muzzle loop. Do not over tighten.


1.Make sure you have chosen the correct muzzle loop size for your dog.

2.Be a responsible dog owner! Do not leave your dog unattended when wearing the muzzle. The muzzle should not be worn over a longer period of time.

3.The muzzle should not be used to punish the dog.

4.Help your dog get used to the muzzle loop, e.g. by giving treats through the loop when fastening it. This will provide positive reinforcement.


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