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Why does a dog need a personalized collar?

Collars for dogs are very vital, and somehow momentous.

A collar for your dog is like an ID card for our human beings, or a luxurious watch, a piece of decent dress;

Yet, collars can not only make your dog gorgeous, they can also bring sense of safety to your dog.

And a personalized dog collar will be a great and first choice for you.


A personalized collar stitched with phone number and dog’s name: Safety

Made of high-quality nylon, srtong and soft, dogs will feel comfortable when wearing it.

Bright and beautiful color blending, you may choose the best color matching your dog. Maybe we can do like this: red Monday, blue Tuesday, Purple Wednesday, Green Thursday, Yellow Friday, Black Saturday! Yeah, bring a rainbow week to your dog!

Pawsroad’s personalized dog collar will be a must gift you would not miss!

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