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What about dogs when we go to work?

During the time we are at work, dogs will generally experience the following TWO emotions.
1.Lonely. They would feel abandoned.
2.Feeling bored. Many dogs will spend their energy to tear things at home, as they have too much energy to consume, which makes them bored, fearful,and lonely.

So how to solve these problems? After all, we can't stop working because of dogs. We still have to make money to buy dog food!!!
We have the following solutions
1、for dogs used to waiting. We can hug them or have some intimate interaction with dogs before we go out . Though dogs doesn't understand the reason, they can feel your emotions and get more sense of security, knowing that we won't abandon them.
2、For dogs who like to bite at home. We can leave some tough and bite-resistant toys at home to prevent them from biting the furniture.
3、For some extremely energetic dogs, such as Husky. It is suggested that we take them out to play madly, run and walk before going to work, which consumes a lot of dogs’ energy in advance. And when you leave, they may be sleepy.

Some toys for your dogs recommendation:

1. Foating dog ball toy, best for interactive games with dogs

2. Dog Tennis Balls, dogs love it!

3. Small Puppy Dog Rope Toys


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