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Walking the dog is a complex science

There are some reason for why we need to walk the dog.

Walking dogs can exercise their ability to defecate outdoors; if dogs use dog toilets, it will be better, more conducive to environmental hygiene.

Walking dogs can give them some exercise and make them healthier.

Dogs are social animals. It is good for the mental health of dogs to have social activities with their peers every day, so that dogs will be more obedient.

Walking dogs is also a way of sunbathing. Ultraviolet rays in the sun can kill bacteria and parasites in dogs. At the same time, it can also help dogs convert carotene into vitamin D to prevent calcium deficiency.

Matters needing attention

1: When the sun is too strong, try not to walk the dog.

2: Don't walk the dog when the wind is too strong.

3: Don't walk your dog in the haze.

4: When dogs have infectious diseases, they must avoid going out (pet hospitals still have to go to);

5: Exercise-style walking should be 2 hours after the dog is full.

6: Dogs must carry collars and leashes when going out.

7: Pet waste bags or some other poop tools need to be prepared;


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