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How to Choose a Right Collar for Your Puppy


When you try to choose a collar for your puppy, you may encounter a variety of collars. Different colors, textures, widths, sizes and designs make hundreds of choices possible.

From little to big, your puppy will eventually grow out of a collar, and how to choose a right collar in each growing stage will be both enjoyable and important.

First of all, size measurement

No matter which collar you will choose for your puppy, it is important to know the neck size of your dog is.

Please remember the two finger principle: dog collar should be snug enough to fit two fingers between the dog's neck & the collar.

When you measure the neck girth for your dog, and find the size is 15 inches, according to the size chart below, you may choose size Large I suggest. And if your dog is right on the border of two sizes,like medium and large, please choose large.

Puppy ID collar

When the big day is fast approaching, are you looking for some ID collars to tell newborn pets?

Some tips for choosing the best ID collar for your new born puppy.

About material:the lighter, the better;

About color: the richer, the merrier;

About the buckle: we recommend the breakaway buckle will be the choice.


When dogs come into the public, what kind of collar shall I choose for them?

The best recommend will be the personalized collars, made of soft and strong nylon with exquisite stitches bearing phone number and dog’s name.

Some other tips.

If your dog is little and no more than 10 lbs, please choose a collar below 0.08 lbs, nylon material will be better.

If you have a greyhound, a martingale collar will be a best choice.

If your dog love swimming, you need a buckle style collar, which is durable and traditional.


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