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How long is a good time to walk the dog?

Walking the dog is vital to dogs’ health.

So how long is a good time to walk the dog?

Generally speaking, it is most appropriate to walk the dog twice a day, one hour at a time, in the morning and in the evening.

But we dog owners are the ones who know our own dogs best. We can judge whether it needs to be adjusted according to the reaction of the dog after walking every day. If the dog is exhausted after walking, it means excessive exercise and need to be reduced. If the dog is still very excited after walking, it means he/she needs more exercise.

After getting to know the amount of dog exercise, the next most important thing for us is whether we can keep walking the dog every day. Particularly,it should be regular, and try to walk the dog at the same time. As irregular exercise not only causes mental stress to dogs, but also causes some potential health hazards.

There are some harness and leashes for walking dogs

Reflective dog harness for big dogs


Dog harness with matching leash for Small puppies

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