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Female Dogs Have Periods? Yes!

What? Female dogs have periods? Maybe it never occur to many people who have never had a dog. That is also one of the main reasons why people don't want to have a girl dog, as it's not very easy to take care of them during their period. When in season,female dogs would make blood all over the house and it's very troublesome to clean.

Q1:At what age should I expect this particular dog to start having estrus cycles?
It usually happens when dogs are at the age of six months or over one year old. And not once a month like human beings, but once a half year, usually in spring and autumn every year, probably in February and August.There are only two times a year.
Q2:What are some ways to keep up with her hygiene when she bleeds?
They can wear washable diapers.
These diapers are specially design for female dog in heat ,incontinence or that suffer from excitement urination,keeping clean and comfortable.

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